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Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook

  • Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook
Артикул: 00816726
в желания В наличии
Автор: Miranda Delmar-Morgan
Издательство: Bloomsbury (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-1-4729-1823-9
Год: 2015
Формат: 105x165
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 154
Вес: 158 г
3000 P
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Flags are in use at sea by all kinds of vessel, from working ships to warships to yachts, both sail and power. There is a difference between the use of flags on land and at sea. Much of what follows in this book applies to flags wherever they are used afloat and also when hoisted on shore in a maritime connection. However, there is considerable emphasis on yachts and small working craft. Navies and shipping lines have their own regulations and practices and they are unlikely to need the advice given here. Yachts, motorboats and other small craft are, to some extent, on their own in this field. This little handbook is intended to provide their crews with a quick and ready reference for the use of flags at sea and on the shoreline.
There are technical implications to certain words in the English language used when flags, or colours, are shown. These words include fly and wear. Strictly speaking, a ship or boat wears a flag and the mariner flies a flag. Other terms such as display, hoist, show, and rig are also used but for easy reading they should be considered more or less interchangeable. The word 'yacht' here, unless specified, can be taken to mean either a sailing or motor yacht.
Please note that the flags, ensigns and burgees throughout are for illustrative purposes and may not always be exactly to scale.
It should also be noted that some countries which still have the British Union flag in the canton are proposing to drop this and create new flags but had not done so at the time of going to press.
The inclusion of flags from some land-locked countries may seem odd, however they are members of the International Maritime Organisation and may have ships upon the high seas, in which case it is possible their flags may be seen afloat.

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Author's note
What is a flag?

How a flag is made
Parts of a flag
Securing flags
Types of flag
Other flags
Defence and official flags
Code flags
International Code of Signals
Yacht only signal flags
Naval codes
Flags used for signalling distress
Racing code flags
Flag etiquette
Flying the minimum
Q flags and courtesy flags
Flags and the law
Hoisting times
Approaching a foreign harbour
Positions of ensigns
Positions of other flags
Dressing ship
Getting it right
International yacht club burgees
National maritime flags
Glossary of terms
Appendix 1

Yacht clubs using a special ensign
Appendix 2
Selected two-code signals
Appendix 3
Useful flag websites
Appendix 4
Overseas territories, departments, crown dependencies, or special adminstrative regions

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