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MAN B & W Diesel Indentification NO for instruction book

Артикул: 00556250
в желания В наличии
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Страниц: 481
Вес: 1200 г
2645 P
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This instruction book serves the purpose of providing general information for operation and maintenance, to describe the design and to be used for reference when ordering spare parts.
Reliability and operation economy of the plant will to a great extent depend on correct operation and proper maintenance.
Therefore, it is essential that the engine room personnel, in addition to basic knowledge of diesel engine machinery installations, is fully acquainted with the contents of the instructions.
The book is a basic instruction manual for the particular engine supplied with plant-adapted information such as principle media-system drawings, electric wiring diagrams and test bed reports.
The first five sections (500-504) of the book serve as a guide to engine operation, and the next fifteen sections (505-519) contain technical descriptions, spare parts illustrations with pertaining parts lists as well as working cards.
The last section (520) comprises tools.
The engine is divided into a number of main compo-nents/assemblies, each of which is described in a section of this book (section 505-519).
Each of these sections starts v/ith technical descriptions of the systems/components, followed by working cards. Later, the spare parts illustration plates and parts lists are to be found.

Main Data for GenSets 500.01 (01Н)
Introduction 500.02 (01Н)
Safety 500.05 (01Н)
Cross Section 500.10 (01Н)
Key for Engine Designation 500.11 (01Н)
Designation of Cylinders 500.12 (01Н)
Engine Rotation Clockwise 500.20 (01Н)
Code identification for Instruments 500.24 (01Н)
Introduction to Planned Maintenance Program 500.25 (01Н)
Planned Maintenance Program 500.25 (01Н)
Planned Maintenance Program 200.30 (01Н)
Operating Data and Set Points 500.35 (01Н)
Data for Pressure and Tolerance 500.40 (01Н)
Data for Torque Moment 500.40 (01Н)
Data for Torque Moment 500.45 (01Н)
Declaration of Weight 500.50 (01Н)
Ordering of Spare Parts 500.55 (01Н)
Service Letters 500.60 (01Н)
Conversion Table 500.65 (01Н)
Basic Symbols for Piping 500.65 (01Н)

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