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RYA Weather Handbook - Southern Hemisphere

Артикул: 00455702
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Автор: Chris Tibbs
Издательство: RYA (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-1-905104-09-3
Год: 2012
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 116
Вес: 410 г
2580 P
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Everyone who goes to sea understands the importance of the weather and the necessity of obtaining an accurate forecast.
Good skippers study the weather and plan their trips to take maximum advantage of present and forecast conditions.
This book covers the knowledge required by skippers up to RYA Yachtmaster Ocean standard and provides important background information for the RYA practical and shorebased courses.
Chris Tibbs is a professional meteorologist who has sailed on the Whitbread Round the World race and skippered a Round the World ВТ Challenge yacht. His clear text provides a wealth of information of value to all skippers from day sailors to ocean yachtsmen.
As well as being a prolific writer for various yachting magazines, Chris still finds time to sail and as navigator has broken seven sailing records on the Maxi-Cat Playstation and 60 foot monohull Solune. Recently Chris has competed in the Sydney Hobart, and the South Atlantic Races.

Synoptic scale
Meso scale
Some theory
Global circulation
Air masses
Weather charts
Synoptic charts and what they mean
Symbols found on a synoptic chart
Low pressuie and the polai front
Types of cloud
The life cycle of a depression
In decline
Non-trontal depressions
Buys Ballot's Law
Depressions in practice
The anatomy of a low
Ahead of the warm front
Warm sector weather
The cold front
Occluded fionts
When a depression passes
Familieb uf depressions
Secondary lows
Predicting the wind
Measuring wind from synoptic charts
Verifying the forecast
Additional method foi measuring wind speed
What forecasts mean
The Beaufort Scale definitions
The forecast
Effects of land on the wind
Stability and instability
Thermal effects
Sea breeze
Offshore night breezes
Mechanical effects
With an offshore wind
With a wind blowing parallel to the shoreline
Island in the flow
All at sea
Weathei routemg
Meteorological dangers
Secondary lows
Squeeze zones
Lee troughing
High mountains
Wind chill
Putting it all together
New technology
Internet access
On board
Satellite pictures
Tropical Cyclones
Around the world
Roaring Forties
Other winds
Trade winds
Doldrums - ITCZ
El Nino and La Nina
Meditenanean winds
Northern Hemisphere
Global Warming
How is this likely to affect us?
Ten top websites

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