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Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Nautical Guide

Артикул: 00455444
в желания В наличии
Автор: Mariolina Rolfo & Giorgio Ardrizzi
Издательство: Editrice Incontri Nautici (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 9788865944318
Год: 2015
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 720
Вес: 1491 г
11342 P
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This pilot guide, now at its third edition, aims to report the local conditions and knowledge with the greatest accuracy, in order that these 2,400 miles of water can be navigated safely. The work is divided into two sections.
The first section contains subjects of general interest such as flora, fauna, geology, history and heritage.
The second part is strictly nautical and is the result of sixteen years experience in sailing these waters. The authors have selected and personally tested over 400 anchorages - all noted with accurate descriptions and drawings so as to provide the necessary information for a safe navigation. Moreover, this section is improved by the inclusion of notes regarding meteorology, radio frequencies, yacht preparation, rules of navigating and information about Chile and Argentina.

Table of contents
The significance of this guide
Abbreviations and Data
Other Abbreviations and Symbols used in this guide
Class of Lights and Radio Signals (Direction Finding Station)
General information
Chapter 1 Preparation of the voyage
The vessel
Sails and Rigging
A good engine
Cockpit covers
Wind vane and Autopilot
Radar and GPS VHF radio Dinghy
Heating - Moisture
Mooring techniques Williwaws
Marea Roja (Red Tide) warning
Salmon and Oyster farms Entry papers
Charts and Pilots
Navigation rules: Maritime Buoyage System
Chile and Argentina information
Government, population, religion and language Crime
Measures and Weights
Local Time - Daylight hours
Telephone - Internet
Health Transport Knowing Spanish
Chapter 2 History
A brief history of Chile
A brief history of Argentina
Valdivia and Chiloe
Valdivia and Bahia Corral: the fortresses of Chile
Isla Grande de Chiloe: history, religion and architecture
Parque Pumalfn: a successful ecological project
Channels of Chilean Patagonia
Laguna San Rafael and Istmo de Ofqui
Faro Raper: an ancient story
Lord Anson’s fleet and the Wager shipwreck
The city of the Caesars
Puerto Eden, or the last of the Alacaluf Indians
Patagonian Icecap: first explorers and scientific theories
Estrecho de Magallanes
Magallanes and the discovery of the Strait
In Magallanes’ wake
Estrecho de Magallanes: West to East
The tragedy of Puerto del Hambre
Fuerte Bulnes
Joshua Slocum and the legendary Spray
Punta Arenas between past and future
Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and adjacent areas
The origin of the name Tierra del Fuego
Padre De Agostini and the conquest of Monte Sarmiento
Wrecked on Rocas Contramaestre Peron
The first contact between whites and Indians: FitzRoy in Wulaia The sad story of Allen Gardiner
Massacre at Caleta Wulaia
The foundation of the first permanent mission: Ushuaia
The Anglican mission looking for new frontiers
The illusion of the Gold Rush
The Argentine flag flies at Ushuaia
Puerto Williams: the southernmost municipality of the world
Cabo de Hornos
The discovery of Estrecho de Le Maire and Cabo de Hornos
The new Cabo de Homos route: political and economic implications The first yachts around Cabo de Hornos
The Beagle and Romanche expeditions
The Atlantic coast
Isla de los Estados
Peninsula Valdes: a wildlife sanctuary
Chapter 3 Geology and Morphology
Chapter 4 Flora
Chapter 5 Fauna
Chapter 6 The Ancient Inhabitants
Chapter 7 Meteorology and Forecasts

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