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Adriatic Sea Pilot Volume II. Адриатическое море. Часть II

Артикул: 00455358
в желания В наличии
Автор: Hrvatski Hidrografski Institut
Издательство: Croatian Hydrographic Office (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 953-6165-32-5
Год: 2004
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 310
13500 P
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Summary of corrections June 2017.
Croatian part of the Adriatic with an archipelago of over a thousand islands, its crystal clear sea and favourable climate is a marvellous cruising area, a paradise for boaters. With their increasing interest for this coast, necessary facilities have been built - modern marinas and small harbours - to offer stay, supply and maintenance to small craft and yachts, providing all kinds of information, on weather or cultural and sports events in the area of their interest.
The first edition of this Pilot published by the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia is complementary with its regularly issued and updated charts and official publications. Besides providing up-to-date information relevant to the safety at sea and all the facts on harbours and marinas, it also offers background information on cultural and historical sights, national parks and other natural attractions on the coast and islands, and in the close interior.
We hope that the information contained in this Pilot will prove to be useful to everyone cruising in this area, whose comments and suggestions would be a valuable help in our mission to ensure safe navigation in these waters.





Explanatory notes


Chart index diagram

Symbols and abbreviations


Geographic and hydrographic information

Oceanographic information

Meteorological information

Magnetic declination (variation)


General information

Important notices and regulations

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Search and Rescue at Sea

Buoyage System (IALA)


Archipelago of Zadar


Dugi Otok island

Southwest coast of Dugi Otok island

Northeast coast of Dugi Otok island

Srednji Kanal

Zverinacki Kanal

Tunski kanal

Sestrunjski Kanal

Rivanjski Kanal

Ravski Kanal

Iski Kanal

Northeast coast of Iz island

Lavdarski Kanal

Sitski Kanal

Zutski Kanal

Kornati islands

Northeast coast of Kornat island

Southwest coast of Kornat island

Kornatski Kanal


Ugljan island

Southwest coast of Ugljan island

Pasman island

Southwest coast of Pasman island

Zadarski Kanal

Northeast coast of Ugljan island

Mainland coast from Rt Artie to Rt Podvara

Pasmanski Kanal

Northeast coast of Pasman island

Mainland coast from Rt Podvara to Pakostane harbour


Archipelago of Sibenik - Mainland coast from Pakostane to Rt Ploca

and Sibenik group of islands

Mainland coast from Pakostane harbour to Tribunj harbour

Murterski Kanal

Murtersko More

Southwest coast of Murter island

Mainland coast from Vodice harbour to Kanal Sv.Ante

Kanal Sv. Ante

The Krka River

Prokljansko Jezero

Zirjanski Kanal

Kakanski Kanal

Kaprijski Kanal

Zmajanski Kanal


Zlarinski Kanal

Southern entrance to Sibenski Kanal

Sibenski Kanal

Mainland coast from Kanal Sv.Ante to Luka Grebastica

Mainland coast from Luka Grebastica to Rt Ploca


Drvenicki Kanal

Splitski Kanal

Trogirski Zaljev

Trogirski Kanal

Kastelanski Zaljev

Mainland coast from Rt Marjan to Stobrec harbour

Southern part of Splitski Kanal

Soltanski Kanal

West coast of Brae island

Bracki Kanal

North coast of Brae island

Mainland coast from Stobrec harbour to Makarska harbour

Hvarski Kanal

South coast of Brae island

North coast of Hvar island

Coast from Rt Kabal to Jelsa harbour

Coast from Jelsa harbour to Rt Sucuraj

Mainland coast fromTucepi boat harbour to Zaostrog harbour


Vis island with adjacent islands and islets

Pakleni Kanal

South coast of Hvar island from Rt Pelegrin to Rt Krizni Rat

Korculanski Kanal and Peljeski Kanal

South coast of Hvar island

West and north coasts of Korcula island

East coast of Korcula island

West part of the south coast of Peljesac peninsula

Neretvanski Kanal

Mainland coast from Zaostrog harbout to Rt Meded

The Neretva River

North coast of Peljesac peninsula

Kanal Malog Stona

Zaljev Malog Stona

Lastovski Kanal

South coast of Korcula island

Islets west of Lastovo island

Islets east of Lastovo island


Mljetski Kanal

Southwest coast of Peljesac peninsula

Mljet island

Kolocepski Kanal

Mainland coast from Ston harbour to Dubrovnik harbour

Mainland coast from Dubrovnik harbour to Rt Sustjepan

Mainland coast from Rt Sustjepan to Rt Ostra




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