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South Atlantic Circuit. Южно-атлантическая схема

Артикул: 00455335
в желания В наличии
Автор: Tom Morgan
Издательство: Royal Cruising Club (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 0-9541900-3-3
Год: 2002
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Страниц: 170
Вес: 429 г
5800 P
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Издание на английском языке.
The book is designed to help yachtsmen and yachtswomen to plan and execute the major passages around and across the South Atlantic, with harbour information to allow entry to significant ports around this ocean. We shall shortly be producing a companion volume giving more detailed information on the smaller harbours and anchorages along the coast of South America for those who have time to spend in this excellent cruising area.

General Map of South Atlantic destinations
Title Page
RCC Pilotage Foundation
Contents Pages
Book List
Acknowledgements and Thanks
Part I - Preparations
1 Introduction
The South Atlantic Life
2 The Mechanics of Ocean Cruising
The Self-sufficient Yacht, Management and Self-reliance, With or Without Crew
Flags and Books
Watchkeeping Systems
Ocean Navigation
3 The Paperwork
Ships Papers, Insurance and Indemnity
Personal Documentation
Navigator's Paperwork
4 Supplies and Funding
Provisioning (by Country)
Fuel, Food storage and Funding along the way
5 General Country Information
South Africa
South Atlantic Islands
Part II - Strategies
6 Winds, Weather and Currents
Wind and Weather, Development of Depressions
Main Meteorological Systems, Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
South Atlantic High, Southeast Trade Winds
The Westerlies, Variables
Regional Weather
Advection Fog
Currents and Tides
7 Routes Around the South Atlantic
Map showing Ocean Distances, Distance Planner
Routes into the South Atlantic, A to D
Routes out of the South Atlantic, E to H
Routes East and West, I to X
Routes North and South, 1 to 10
Alternative Routes
8 Communications
Keeping in Touch, The Future of Radio
Weather Messages (by NAVAREA), ITCZ, Argentina
Namibia, South Africa
Uruguay, South Atlantic Islands
Amateur Radio, Satellite Communcations
Part III - South atlantic destinations
Map of Destinations
Content Listing of Destinations
N1. Recife
N2. Cabedelo/Jacare
N3. Forteleza
51. Maceio
52. Salvador, Bahia
53. Ilheus
54. Vitoria
55. Buzios
56. Rio de Janeiro (Guanabara Bay)
57. Angra dos Reis
58. Santos
59. Paranagua
10. Florianopolis
1. Punta del Este
2. Montevideo/Buceo
1. Buenos Aires
2. Mar del Plata
South Atlantic Islands
Falkland Islands, Stanley Harbour
Tristan da Cunha Group
St Helena Island
Ascension Island
Fernando de Noronha
South Africa
1. Cape Town
2. Saldanha Bay
3. Lambert's Bay
1. Luderitz
2. Walvis Bay
Part IV - Appendices
Appendix I - Words and Phrases, Portuguese and Spanish
Appendix II - Charts for the South Atlantic
Appendix III - Bibliography
Author's Note

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