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CD Правила классификации и постройки морских судов, Том 1, 2, Павила по оборудованию морских судов. Английская версия. 2003 г.

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Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping have been approved in accordance with the established approval procedure. The date of coming into force of the present Rules is 1 October 2003.
The Rules are based on the eight edition taking into account additions and amendments of notice No.1 (2000), Notice No.2 (2001), Notice No.3 (2002) and those developed immediately before publication.
The unified requirements, interpretations and recommendations of International Association of Classification Societies and the relevant resolutions of international Maritime Organization have been taken into consideration in the Rules.
The rules are published in two volumes. General Regulations for the Classification and other activity, Part I "Classification", Part II "Hull", Part III "Equipment, Arrangements and Outfit" Part IV "Stability", Part V "Subdivision" and Part VI "Fire protection" are included in Volume 1. Part VII "Machinery Installations", Part VIII "Systems and Piping", Part IX "Machinery", Part X "Boilers, Heat Exchangers Pressure Vessels", Part XI "Electrical equipment", Part XII "Refrigerating Plants", Part XIII "Materials", Part XIV "Welding", Part XV "Automation", Part XVI "Hull Structure and Strength of Glass-Reinforced Plastic Ships and Boats" are included in Volume 2.
The text of the Rules in Russian published in 2003 shell be considered as the original.

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