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Learn the nautical rules of the road The essential guide to the COLREGs

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Автор: Poul Boissier
Издательство: WILEY NAUTICAL (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-0-470-74912-8
Год: 2010
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 160
Вес: 370 г
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Every person who takes any boat to sea, from a small rowing boat to the mighty Queen Mary 2, needs to know the International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea, the Maritime Rules of the Road. They have developed over generations into a highly effective system for avoiding collisions on the water and are as fundamental to good seamanship and navigation as reading a chart correctly or tying a bowline knot.
When I joined the Merchant Navy we were required to know these regulations by heart. Our leave was threatened if we could not recite the sections we had to learn each voyage, until we knew them all. It was a hard task, which took many evenings at sea, but for our examinations an error could have you sent back to sea for six months. The benefit was that when one found oneself alone on the bridge in charge of a watch and was unsure of what action to take to avoid a collision, one could fall back on ones memory. In time, of course, the actions to take, or not to take, became instinctive.
Few people would be word perfect these days, but it is the awareness of what the rules state that is important. There is a logic behind them once you start to study them, and they are laid out in this book so that they can be more easily understood, whether you are learning them for the first time, or just revising to brush up on one's familiarity. Seamen have to be practical, they are dealing with raw nature and their trade cannot be fully learned by studying in books; it is a hands-on profession, improved by experience. This book is written in the sensible style you would expect from a seaman for seamen.
My desire has always been to encourage everyone to take up boating and enjoy their time on the water. I want everyone to have as much enjoyment as I have had over the years. To enjoy boating fully you must feel confidence in yourself, and I think you will find this book will help you to enjoy your time with that greater confidence to fit in with other seafarers on the rivers, estuaries, seas and oceans in safety.
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Книга на английском языке. Представляет собой иллюстрированое пособие по МППСС-72 для яхтсменов и катериников.
Полный текст МППСС-72 на английском и русском языке+иллюстрации в книге МППСС - 1972. Международные правила предупреждения столкновений судов в море, 1972 г. (МППСС-72). 5-е издание, а более подробно в МППСС-72 с комментариями.

1 Introduction
2 Context of the Rules: Rules 1-7
3 How to Recognise other Vessels by their Lights and Shapes: Rules 20-31 and 36
4 Sound Signals: Rules 32-35
5 The Manoeuvring Rules: Rules 8, 11-19
6 Narrow Channels and Fairways, and Separation Schemes: Rules 9 and 10
7 Some examples of Collision Avoidance
8 Particular Issues for Yachts and Small Boats
9 Buoyage
10 Distress Signals: Annex IV
11 International Marine VHF Channels as used in the UK
12 The Rules - Verbatim

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