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Dinghy Sailing & Racing

  • Boat Safety Handbook
    Boat Safety Handbook
    this book builds on many people's years of experience of choosing the right gear to safely go afloat. we will never stop dire accidents from happening. but proper preparation can, and does, prevent the lesser problems and will, at least, ameliorate the major ones to improve...
  • Dinghy Cruising
    Dinghy Cruising
    even before i begin to write this foreword, i realise i will have to claim partial responsibility for many of the things margaret dye has written about in this book. however, it is an involvement that gives me great pleasure. the reason is simple. i was fortunate enough to be the designer of the...
  • Dinghy techniques
    Dinghy techniques
    covering everything from launching and coming ashore to wind theory and correct sail settings and all points in between this book will have any dinghy sailor itching to get out on the water to test what they've learnt. comprehensively written by leading rya author jeremy evans and richly...
  • Iain Oughtred: A life in wooden boats
    Iain Oughtred: A life in wooden boats
    one winter in the early 1980s i was sent to england by the american magazine woodenboat. the editors gave me a pocketful of travellers' checks and a chit for a hire car with unlimited mileage. they told me to research a couple of specific articles, and then poke around for a few weeks and see if...
  • RYA Safety Boat Handbook+DVD
    RYA Safety Boat Handbook+DVD
    foreword training manager and chief examiner rya courses teach self reliance. sailors and powerboaters should take to the. water with the intention of returning without assistance. however for sailing schools, beginners, children, and during races it is important that there is...
  • RYA Tactics
    RYA Tactics
    no other sport requires the combination of so many elements as sail racing; preparation, strategy, speed, tuning and most importantly tactics. rya tactics is written by mark rushall one of the sports top tacticians and coaches (with a little help from ryan wriggleback) this latest...
  • RYA Windsurfing Instructor manual
    RYA Windsurfing Instructor manual
    windsurfing is an exhilarating and accessible sport. we are excited that you are taking the next step and either qualifying as a rya instructor or continuing your progression along the rya pathway, helping to pass knowledge on to others, enabling them to enjoy and progress in the world of...
  • The skipper's pocketbook
    The skipper's pocketbook
    it is easy to take for granted how much a good yacht skipper needs to know. navigation, finding the way into a new harbour, using the radio correctly, checking the engine, noting something aloft that may need repair, reading the weather forecast wisely - all these things and many...
  • RYA Dinghy Coaching Handbook & Log Book
    RYA Dinghy Coaching Handbook & Log Book
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  • Where to Launch Around the Coast
    Where to Launch Around the Coast
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