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Артикул: 00258675
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Автор: Rod Heikell
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: Rod Heikell
Год: 2011
Формат: 190x240
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Страниц: 260
Вес: 770 г
2500 v
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Ionian contains detailed information on many of the smaller harbours and anchorages which cannot be covered as comprehensively in Rod Heikell major guide, Greek Waters Pilot. These handy cruising companions are ideal for charterers and flotilla sailors who are in the area for a short time but to make the best of it need all the essential background information on places to visit, history, food and travelling in Greece at their fingertips. Cruisers on their own yachts will also find much of interest and additional pilotage when cruising in the area. Ionian covers the coasts and islands south from Corfu and has been extended for this seventh edition southwards to Finakounda and eastwards to Mesolongion. It has been fully revised with new and updated plans and photographs and major changes have been made to the layout to improve its use as a practical guide. Ionian is essential on-board reference. Rod Heikell sets the standards when it comes to blending sailing directions with good travel writing, and in this companion his writing once again does justice to an area that ranks as one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful cruising grounds.


About Greece
History, 7 Language
The Greek Orthodox church
Background basics
Getting there
Getting around
Shopping and other facilities
Sailing information
Navigational and piloting hazards
The good tourist
Safety and seamanship
Fish farms
Weather forecasts
Useful waypoints
Safety and rescue services
About the plans

Chapter 1
Corfu and nearby islands, 37
Corfu, 38
Othoni, Erikoussa & Mandraki, Paxoi & Andipaxoi, 67
Chapter 2
The mainland coast. Pagania to Preveza, 77
Pagania to Parga, 79 Parga to Preveza, 89 Amvrakikos Kolpos, 703
Chapter 3
The Inland Sea. Levkas, Meganisi, Ithaca, Cephafonia and Zakinthos, 7 7 7
Levkas, 7 74 Meganisi, 139 Ithaca, 747 Cephalonia, 163 Zakinthos, 185
Chapter 4
The mainland coast. Levkas to Mesolongion, 799
Vathi Vali to Mitika, 202
Kalamos, Kastos & Atoko, 207
Dhragonera & Echinades to Mesolongion, 274
Chapter 5
The southern Ionian. Killini to Finakounda, 227
Killini to Kiparissia, 228 Nisidhes Strofadhes, 237 Nisis Proti to Finakounda, 239
Appendix, 254 Index, 258

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